Software Solution Integration

We provide ready-to-go 3rd-party software solutions

We provide consultancy to integrate your business systems with suitable cloud-based solutions to solve existing problems or improve process efficiency. Software as a service (SaaS) is a method of software distribution where a third-party provider hosts the application and makes it accessible on demand over the Internet.

Our Process:

We first analyse your business objectives and identify areas we can make a real, lasting difference with SaaS. We then establish a plan to improve upon your existing system using a modern web-based system. We use an agile methodology and conduct work in sprints for faster results and improved client communication

Case Study

All Seasons Food Ltd is a catering company that encountered difficulties with keeping track of their orders. They lacked a system that told them which food was needed where – and at what time. The result of this was missing orders, problems with dietary requirements, and dissatisfied customers.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of their business model, seeing how we can marry together all of their needs with one software package. Part of this process involved looking at existing catering software that’s already on the market that we could use as the base for All Seasons Food.

We used our innovative approach to connect already existing solutions with APIs to solve the wider business problem. Instead of spending months to develop a bespoke solution to their problem, it was addressed at the strategic level by mapping business needs to the final solution.