About Us

We are a UK-based tech consulting company

We deliver lasting business value by deploying the latest technology solutions. This includes the use of cloud-based and locally-hosted software to boost productivity and competitiveness. We exist to provide truly personalised service to equip you with the right technology at the right moment.

Our Values

Impact based - Make a difference!

It is our aim to make a real, lasting difference to our customer’s business. We create a baseline prior to the solution implementation. Then we track delivered values along the way. This enables us to establish the exact nature of the impact we are having.


We are 100% result-oriented. We specify our deliverables in our project scope. Then we conduct end-to-end tracking to check our level of success. Having a clear idea of project deliverables allows us to see first hand how this impacts your business.

Unique Insight-Based

Our work is based on unique customer insights. As each customer is different, we tailor our solutions to suit varying customer needs. This allows us to provide a truly bespoke solution based on observable data.


At VURSOFT, we believe in making a real difference to our client’s business prospects. This involves employing reliable, value-driven software solutions that offer unique customer insights. As a result, we can vastly improve business productivity for companies large and small across different market sectors.

Our story began in 2015. The founder of VURSOFT and his ambitious entrepreneur colleagues were working hard to identify innovative technology solutions. This involved locating outsourcing teams they could partner with to execute their plans.

Soon after, they met a local food business owner in London, UK. This company was struggling to grow their business despite having huge market demand. The firm refused to advertise their business online, fearing that if they received increased orders, they would not have suitable technology in place to scale up delivery.

Needless to say, this was a real problem – especially since the company had no real technological knowledge. As the owners of the business were losing sleep at night, they began exploring new ways to manage their company. Our technological solutions soon had a huge and positive impact on order fulfilment. As they say, the rest is history.

Today, the VURSOFT team have been successfully delivering tech solutions to a number of growing food and telecom companies. This includes those partnering with trusted local and offshore tech companies located in Europe, America and Asia.

Technologies and Frameworks We Use

We work with a developed network of DevOps engineers, solution architects, business analysts, and project managers who have achieved expertise in the following areas.

Software solution integration.

Including the deployment of various applications for non-profit educational charities, schools, startups, catering and event management companies. Some examples include Moodle for deploying e-learning systems and FlexCatering for managing catering and event management business.

Bespoke software and app development.

Using modern programming languages such as Python, PHP and Javascript and web and mobile frameworks like Django, React-Native, ReactJS, MySQL, PosrgreSQL, and No-SQL database management systems we deliver bespoke web and mobile applications.

Cloud deployment solutions

Both in private and public cloud environments like Amazon, OpenStack, and Digital Ocean and Google Cloud Platform we can offer end-to-end development and deployment of applications.

Project management Tools and Frameworks​

We using Modern Agile and PRINCE2 based approaches to deliver projects within agreed scope and budget. We use project tracking tools like Trello, Asana, Confluence, Track.

Benefits of Working With Us

Work directly with UK-based industry experts

Our core team is UK-based.We are available for support during normal business working hours. You can talk directly to experts who code, deploy and     maintain software and have done so for many years.

Free Initial Consultation

There is no obligation to pay or sign a contract before your business begins to benefit.

Fixed priced projects

We can scope projects to give you a fixed price to meet     your budget. You can see the design, look and feel of the software prior to development.

Transparent and timely jargon-free communication

We follow the latest agile methodology development processes and keep you updated as we move ahead. This ensures you are continually kept in the loop at all times (e.g. especially if situations change, such as shipping dates).

Source code, documentation, and training provided

Our agile-based approach divides the project and delivers it iteratively. This cycle ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

Long-term support available

We manage and provide insights on using our solution. Including post deployment support, how this can be adapted to meet your changing business requirements.