Cloud Migration & Modernisation

We transform your legacy application to cloud-ready

Our cloud migration and modernisation service takes an existing legacy setup and improves this in terms of speed, usability, security, and overall performance using the state of the art cloud based technologies.

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Amazon AWS

Digital Ocean

Google Cloud Platform


Need to talk?

We can scope projects to give you a fixed price to meet your budget. You can see the design, look and feel of the software prior to development.  There is no obligation to pay or sign a contract before your business begins to benefit.

Cloud Migration

Legacy software or website modernisation is the process of upgrading an existing system using modern technology, such as for increased usability and stability.

Our Process:

The approach we take for both software and website modernisation is to analyse the pros and cons of your existing system, then build upon this. We take what works and what needs refining. We then ensure our replacement system meets your current business goals. Our approach is based on the agile methodology, which ensures fast results by working in sprints. This also helps to keep the process on track while ensuring client feedback is taken into account at all stages.