Why us


We believe in software that is intuitive and fit for purpose. This helps to sustain company revenues while boosting productivity. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is important to get the best value from software. Choosing the most appropriate software for the task at hand is vital for business productivity. However, all too often, companies fail in this endeavour. 

Licensing agreements, subscription costs, or a high initial outlay for enterprise software can be a significant expense for businesses both large and small. Licensing waste is a growing problem for firms in all industries. This is why we are dedicated to developing software that is based upon a clear understanding of the problem.

Recent reports from industry have highlighted how underused enterprise software is costing business in excess of $34 billion a year in the U.S. and UK alone.1E’s 2015 research provided similar results, with U.S. organisations having around 37% of software wastage, while the UK weighed in at 26% of wastage. Similarly, a poll of IT managers conducted by 1E as part of their Software Efficiency Report in 2011 highlighted how the majority of workstations have $100 worth of unused (or underused) software installed. This trend for high levels of wastage over recent years shows no real sign of abating either.

While specialised software is deployed in all industries, poor management of licenses, software too complex for the task, and ineffective training are just some of the reasons why wastage is considerably high. Companies can save considerable sums of money on software licensing and wastage, but must place robust systems and processes in place to achieve this.

By investing in fit-for-purpose software, expenditure on enterprise programs can be vastly reduced, or in some cases, abolished altogether. Through intelligent software deployment and use of open-source derivatives, among other solutions, companies can gain better long-term value and maintain or increase productivity.

We Know What We Do

It is our aim to develop software that meets the criteria of good value. We have extensive experience in web, mobile, and software development for desktop environments. Alongside our experience in development, we are also knowledgeable in cloud infrastructure setup and management, virtual and augmented reality, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning.

It is this combination of expertise that allows us to create truly innovative software solutions to complement business performance. Our approach focuses around creating innovative speech and virtual-reality based user interfaces that enable people to chat to software similarly to how they might chat to other experts. This enables the end user to extract real value from their software.

Value for Startups, Small Businesses, and Enterprises

Whether for newly-formed businesses or established enterprises, choosing VURSOFT brings a number of key benefits. We provide added value by:

  • Directly linking business value with suitable software metrics – This brings value for money and clear monitoring of software functionality to ensure this is cohesive with the overall strategy and goals of the business.

  • Enhancing value through direct interface with the software – Our expertise with AI, machine learning, and virtual and augmented reality enables us to continually innovate to ensure practical end-user interfaces.

  • Value management throughout the software life-cycle – We place great emphasis on ensuring maximum value in terms of cost and functionality from the moment the software is purchased to when it is due for replacement.

Less Waste, More Value Leads Better Business

One of the key reasons why businesses lose revenue is the widespread availability of off-the-shelf enterprise software. Although many of these tools can complete the task perfectly well, they are often expensive, highly complex, or contain so many features the learning curve is exceptionally high. Indeed, more often than not, many of these software features are under-utilised or simply never used. This wastage invariably leads to unnecessary costs, extensive employee training time, and bloated, cumbersome functionality.

Likewise, software is often purchased without a clear understanding of the overall problem. This often results in a less than adequate solution and a continual need to upgrade or spend money fixing issues due to poor software selection. As a result, more companies are turning to a bespoke value-driven software solution, such as provided by VURSOFT. Read our Services page for more details about what we do.