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We understand that practical software deployment begins with planning and a clear vision. It is important to be aware of the key productivity goals before undertaking any software implementation. As a result, our process is designed to serve your full software life-cycle, from the initial consultancy to the tracking of value.

Consultancy: Mapping Business Value

The consultancy stage focuses on understanding your business aims and establishing any problems to be overcome. We will consider what you need to accomplish and then offer a range of options from our solution database. This enables us to identify your business USPs and find a suitable software fit to meet the requirements of your firm.

What we often find is there are a range of solutions available, including open-source software or even SaaS (software as a service). Our knowledge in development means we can identify areas where we can personalise software to extract better value – for instance, a typical example being creating a more intuitive user interface.

After our first consultation, we offer a follow-up session to explain the options available. This enables us to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method and identify the best value approach. Once a software solution has been chosen, we provide full user on-boarding and technical training to maximise efficiency.

Software Deployment: Realising Value

At VURSOFT, we believe in generating real value from a wide range of software solutions. For the end-user, this means programs must not only complete the task they are set out to do, they must also be user-friendly and easy to understand.

From website development to mobile apps, we have the skills and talent to take an idea and turn this into reality. Our deployment services consist of the following:

  • App development – We can undertake the designing and development of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets, giving you tailor-made solutions to accomplish your everyday productivity tasks.

  • Website development – We are highly experienced in both User Interface (UI) and UX (User Experience) design and development. This brings carefully thought out end-user environments coupled with reliable coding techniques.

When deploying new software, we always keep in mind scalability to ensure that as your business grows, our service remains in step with your overall strategy.

Monitoring: Tracking the Value

After software has been deployed, it is important to measure the value it brings to the business. We are able to set up and monitor software asset management tools to better-understand the impact our software solutions are having on your business.

These monitoring tools give insights about the value utilised and allow us to analyse and take steps to refine our service and optimise the software configuration for maximum performance and efficiency.

Part of this process involves the production of reporting mechanisms, for example, to provide an overview of value, or as a means to alert the re-activation of software licenses or manage unused licenses to save resources and costs.